Banksia Protea
Calla Lily (zantedeschia) - Available in Yellows, Bronzes
Salmon Pink - Peckoubo
Standard & Spray Rose Wristlet
10 Large Calla Lily
10 stems Bells of Ireland
10 Stems Blue Delphinium Seawatz
10 Stems Green mini hydraneas
10 Stems Light Blue Hyrangeas
10 Stems White Hydrangeas
150 Red Carnations
150 Stems Green Carnations
150 Stems Orange Carnations
150 Stems Pink Carnations
150 Stems White Carnations
25 Stems Avante Garden Lavender Roses
25 Stems Freedom Red Roses
25 Stems High & Magic Bi-Color Yellow Roses
25 Stems Hot Pink Roses
25 Stems Ocean Song Light Lavender Roses
25 Stems Absurda Bi-Color Pink Roses
25 Stems Amsterdam Coral Roses
25 Stems High Exotic Yellow Roses
25 Stems Nena Light Pink Roses
25 Stems Polar Star White Roses
25 Stems Rossini Frosted Pink roses
25 Stems Sophia Pink Roses
25 Stems Star 2000 Dark Orange Roses
25 Stems Topaz Hot Pink Roses
25 Stems Tropical Amazon Light Orange Roses
25 Stems Vendela Cream Roses
25 Stems Versilia Peach Roses
25 Stems Wimbledon Green Roses
350 Stems Assorted Carnations
8 Stems Hydrangea Antique Green
A Standout
Acacia (Mimosa)
Achillea (Yarrow) - Yellow, Pink, and White
Aconitum (Monkshood)
Adam's Mark Hotel
Adolphus Hotel
agapanthus (African Lily) 10st/bu
All Occasions Flowers
Alstromeria 10 stem bunch - Amor
Alstromeria 10 Stem Bunch - Fuego
Alstromeria 10 Stem Bunch - Irena
Alstromeria 10 Stem Bunch - Napoli
Alstromeria 10 Stem Bunch - Rebecca
Alstromeria 10 Stem Bunch - Rosita
Alstromeria 10 Stem Bunch - Sacha
Alstromeria 10 Stem Bunch - Virginia
Alstromeria Dark Pink - Wholesale
Alstromeria Mayfair
Alstromeria Pink (10 stems per bunch)
Alstromeria Purple (10 stems per bunch)
Alstromeria Purple - Dallas Wholesale
Alstromeria Red (10 stems per bunch)
Alstromeria Red - Dallas Wholesale
Alstromeria White (10 stems per bunch)
Alstromeria White -Dallas Wholesale
Alstromeria Yellow (10 stems per bunch)
Ameri Suites
Ameri Suites Galleria
Ammi Majus White (Queen Anne's Lace)
Anatole Wyndham Hotel
Anna (Light pink with Pink Edge)
Anthurium (Tropical Flowers)
Arch Decoration
Artichoke Bloom
Asclepias - Available in orange and pinks
Asiatic Lily (Tiger Lily) 10st/bu
Asparagus Plumosa
Asparagus Plumosus - Dallas Wholesale
Aspidistra Green
Aspidistra Green - Dallas Wholesale
Aspidistra Milkyway
Aspidistra Variegated
Assorted Mini Callas Lily
Aster Matsumoto
Aster Matsumoto (china aster)
Aster Matsumoto Pink
Aster Matsumoto Purple
Aster Matsumoto White
Aster Purple (Filler)
Aster Sunspring (Filler)
Aster Tara Solidago (Filler)
Baby Eucalyptus
Baby's Breath - Gyp 10st/bu
Balloon Decoration
Banquet Rooms
Bear Grass
Bear Grass
Bear Grass - Dallas Wholesale
Belladonna (delphinium)
Belladonna Lily (see Amaryllis)
Bells Of Ireland
Bells of Ireland (10st/bu)
Best Western Inn
Bi Color Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Bi Color Pink Roses
Bicolor Orange
Bicolor Pink
Bicolor Yellow
Bird of Paradise (strelitzia) 5st/bu
Bird Paradise - Dallas Wholesale
Black Magic
Blossoms & Beads Wristlet
Blue Bird
Blue Curiosa
Blue Delphinium Wristlet
Blue Flame
Blue Iris, Casa Blanca Lily, & White Dendrobium Orchid
Blue Iris, Casa Blanca Lily, Curly Willow, Dendrobium Orchid
Blue Iris, Curly Willow, Callas Lily, Oriental Lily
Bouquet Magic
Bouvardia - Available in pinks, Whites, and Reds
Bradford Homesuites
Bridal Bouquets
Bridal Boutiques
Bridal Boutiques
Broom (Genistra)
Brownstone Hotels & Resorts
Bulk Alstromeria
Bulk Aster Matsumoto
Bulk Bells of Ireland
Bulk Calla Lilies
Bulk Carnations
Bulk Delphinium
Bulk Hydrangea
Bulk Roses Ecuador Premium
bunch bear grass
Burpleurum (Griffithii) 10st/bu
Business Suites Galleria Area
Buy The Bunch
By the Book
Calendula (Marigold) - Available in yellows and oranges.
Calla Bi-Color
Calla Green Goddess
Calla Lily
Calla Lily Green Goddess - Dallas Wholesale
Calla Lily Mini (zantedeschia)
Calla Lily Mini Black Eyed - Dallas Wholesale
Calla Lily Mini Dark Pink - Dallas Wholesale
Calla Lily Mini White - Dallas Wholesale
Calla Lily White - Dallas Wholesale
Calla White
Callas Lily
Campanula (Bellflower) - Available in purple, White and white.
Caribea Heliconia
Carnation (dianthus) 25st/bu
Carnation Arevalo Purple
Carnation Dark Pink - Dallas Wholesale
Carnation Green - Dallas Wholesale
Carnation Light Pink - Dallas Wholesale
Carnation Pasha Red
Carnation Pink Nelson
Carnation Purple - Dallas Wholesale
Carnation White - Dallas Wholesale
Casablanca Lily 10st/bu
Cascading Bridal Bouquet
Cattleya Orchid
cattleya orchid, bi color roses, Mini Callas
Celosia (wheat celosia or argentea) - Available in yellow, red, and orange.
Centerpieces II
Chair Decoration
Chelone (turtle head)
chinese lantern, Ginger, Bird Paradise, and Anthurium
Chocolate + Cream
Chrysanthemums Button 7-10st/bu
Chrysanthemums China
Chrysanthemums Cushion 7-10st/bu
Chrysanthemums Daisy 7-10st/bu
Chrysanthemums Spider 10st/bu
Church Decoration
Classic Luxury
Clean and classical Garland
Clear water centerpiece
Convallaria (Lily of the Valley)
Cornflower (centaurea)
Corporate Accounts
Cream & Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Cream Aster Matsumoto
Crocosmia (Montbretia) 5 - 10st/bu
Curly Willow 10st/bu
Curly Willow Tips
Curly Willow Tips - Dallas Wholesale
Curtain Cluster
Cymbidium Orchid
Cymbidium Orchid & Lilac
Cymbidium Orchid Corsage
Cymbidium Orchid Spray
Cymbidium Spray Large Beauty - Dallas Wholesale
Dalia & White Oriental Lily
Dalia, Casa Blanca Lily, Latin Lady Roses
Dalia, Fire & Ice Rose, Lily, White Rose
Dalia, Pink Rose, White Lily
Dalia, Rose, White Oriental Lily
Dallas Wedding Cakes Texas (TX)
Dallas / Fort Worth Wholesale Cut Flowers For Wedding & Special Events
Dallas Bridal Boutique shops Texas (TX)
Dallas Hotel
Dallas Wedding Balloon Shops Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Blogs
Dallas Wedding Catering Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Ceremony Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding DJ Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Flower shops Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Flowers
Dallas Wedding Invitation Shops Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Jewlery Stores Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Limousine Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Makeup Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Musicians Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Photo Shops Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Rentals Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding Tuxedo Stores Texas (TX)
Dallas Wedding video Texas (TX)
Dallas Wholesale Flowers
Delphinium Volkerfrieden Dark - Dallas Wholesale
Dendrobium & Heather Wristlet
Dendrobium Boutonniere
Dendrobium Orchid 10st/bu
dendrobium orchid, casa blanca, rose, snapdragon
Disc Jockeys
Disc Jockeys
Elegant aubergine
Emerald (20st/bu)
Emerald Green - Dallas Wholesale
English Rose Headpiece
Entrance Arrangement
Equisetum Green - Dallas Wholesale
Eskimo Roses & Stephanotis
Eucalyptus Baby
Feathered Nest
Five White Spray Rose Wristlet
Flower girl
Flower Girl Headpiece
Flower Girl Nosegay
Flower Girl's Purse
Flower Girls
Flowers Library
Flowers to wear
Formal Wear and Tuxedos
Foxtail Lily (Eremurs)
Freesia - Dallas Wholesale
Freesia 10st/bu
French Tulips & Curly Willow
Fresh Bamboo Poles - 8 Feet
Front Home Decoration
Gerbera Daisy Assorted
Gerbera Large Dark Pink - Dallas Wholesale
Gerbera, Orchid, solidago
Gerbera, Tulip, Yellow Iris
Gerbera, White Orchid, Larkspur, and Roses
Ginger 5st/bu
Ginger Pink Large - Dallas Wholesale
Ginger, Liatris, Anthurium, and Orchid
Gladiolous, Casa Blanca Lily, Roses, Fushia Orchid
Gladiolus - Dallas Wholesale
Gladiolus 10st/bu
Glorioso (Lily)
Green - Ciprus
Green - Ruscus
Green Alstroemeria (6 bunces or 60 stems)
Gypsophila Million Star - Dallas Wholesale
Hand to Hand
Head Table Decoration
Horizontal Companion Piece
Horse Tail, Orchid, Roses, Statice, Asiatic Lily, Viburnum
Horsetail Green 60-70cm 10st/bu
Hot Pink
Hot Pink & Red Wristlet
Hot Pink Anemone
Hot Pink Aster Matsumoto
Hot Pink Roses & Light Pink Roses
House Decoration
Huckleberry Green - Dallas Wholesale
Hydrangea - Available white, blue, purple, rust
Hydrangea Antique Green Large - Dallas Wholesale
Hydrangea Antique White With Pink - Dallas Wholesale
Hydrangea Blue - Dallas Wholesale
Hydrangea Green Mini - Dallas Wholesale
Hydrangea White - Dallas Wholesale
Hypercium Green - Dallas Wholesale
Hypericum 10st/bu
Ilex Branch
In the Hood
Indoor Decoration
Iris 10st/bu
Italian Renaissance garland
Italian Ruscus
Ivy Green
Ivy Variegated
Jade Green (50-60cm 20st/bu)
Japhet Orchid Corsage
Kale Green
Kale Purple
Kangaroo Paw
King Protea
Larkspur 7 - 10st/bu Available Pink, White, Purple
Lavender Aster Matsumoto
Lavender & Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Lavender / Purple
Lavender orchid, Lisianthus, Lily, Delphinium, & Rose
Lavender Rose
Lavender Rose & White Tulips
Lavender Rose Wristlet
Lavender White Aster Matsumoto
Leather Leaf Fern
Leatherleaf (20st/bu)
Liatris 10st/bu
Light Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Light Purple & Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunch or 60 stems)
Light Yellow Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Lily Grass Green
Lily Grass Green
Lily Grass Green - Dallas Wholesale
Lily Grass Variegated
Lily Grass Variegated - Dallas Wholesale
Lily Oriental Cassandra - Dallas Wholesale
Lily Oriental Stargazer
Lily, Rose, Lisianthus, Orchid, Misty Blue
Limonium Purple Haze (Filler)
Lisianthus (Eustoma) 5 - 7 st/bu
Lisianthus - Dallas Wholesale
Lisianthus Cream
Lobster Claw-Large exotic heliconia.
Long and lovely
Matsumoto Aster Pink
Matsumoto Hot Pink
Matsumoto Purple
Matsumoto Red
Medium Pink
Mini Calla Black Eyed Beauty
Mini Calla Burgundy
Mini Calla Mango
Mini Calla Yellow
Mini Callas Assorted
Mini Callas Lily, Black Magic Roses, Konfetti Roses
Mini Carnation - Dallas Wholesale
Mini Lavender Calla Lily, Konfetti Rose, Red Rose
Mixed Pastel Wristlet
Molucella - Dallas Wholesale
Monstera Leaves - Dallas Wholesale
Monstera Tropical Green
Monticasino Aster 7 - 10st/bu
Nerine Lily
Oncidium Colmanara Jungle Monarch
Oncidium Orchid 10st/bu
Orange Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Orange Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Orange Rose - Exotica
Orange Rose - Mariana
Orange Rose - Milva
Orange Rose - Miracle
Orange Rose - Orange Unique
Orange Rose - Papaya
Orchid Dendrobium - Dallas Wholesale
Orchid Dendrobium Sakura - Dallas Wholesale
Orchid Dendrobium White - Dallas Wholesale
Orchid, White Gerbera, Roses, Snapdragon, & Larkspur
Oriental Lilies & Red Orchids
Oriental Lily, Gardenia
Oriental Lily, Cream Roses, Veronica
Oriental Lily, Orchid, Lisianthus, Misty Blue
Outdoor Decoration
Palm Sago 70cm 10st/bu
Paphiopedilum Orchid
Parakeet Heliconia
Peach Rose - Azafran
Peach Rose - Donna
Peach Rose - Engagement
Peach Rose - Versilia
Peach Rose Boutonniere
Peach Roses - Osiana
Peach Roses, Curly Willow, Viburnum, Casa Blanca
Pearly White
Phalaenopsis & Rose Wristlet
Phalaenopsis Orchid
Pincushion Protea
Pink & Lavender Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink & Lavender Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink & Lavender Cake Top
Pink & Light Lavender Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink & Salmon Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink & White Alstroemeria (6 bunch or 60 stems)
Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Pink Alstroemeria (6bunches or 60 stems)
Pink Cymbidium Wristlet
Pink Mink Protea
Pittosporum Green
Pittosporum Green 450gr/bu
Pittosporum Variegated
Pittosporum Variegated - Dallas Wholesale
Pittosporum Variegated 450gr/bu
Plumosus Green
Podocarpus 6st/bu
Pomander Ball
Precious Cargo
Protea Petals
Pure Heaven
Purle / Lavender Anemone
Purple & Lavender Wristlet
Purple & Yellow Mini Callas Lily
Purple Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Purple Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Purple Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Purple Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Purple Dendrobium Wristlet
Purple Rose, Green Hydranga, Tulip
Purple Roses & Stephanotis
Purple Roses, Yellow Roses, Purple Mini Callas Lily
Queen Anne’s Lace
Reception Decoration
Red & Pink Bracelet
Red Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Red Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Red Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Red Anemone Flower
Red Aster Matsumoto
Red Gerbera, Snapdragon, Stock, and Tulips
Red Petal Boutonniere
Red Roses, Casa Blanca, and Orchids
Red Spray Rose Boutonniere
Red Spray Rose Wristlet
Rose & Ivy Boutonniere
Rose Aalsmeer Gold
Rose Aalsmeer Gold - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Akito
Rose Akito- Dallas Wholesale
Rose Alex
Rose Ambiance
Rose Anastasia
Rose Anna
Rose Anna - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Ariana
Rose Ariana
Rose Ariana
Rose Attache
Rose Attache - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Aubade
Rose Avante Garden
Rose Avante Garden - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Bettina (coral)
Rose Bianca
Rose Big Fun
Rose Black Baccara
Rose Black Baccara - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Black Magic - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Blue Bird
Rose Bridal Pink
Rose Cadillac
Rose Carolla
Rose Carousel
Rose Carousel - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Cezanne
Rose Charming Unique
Rose Cherry Love
Rose Circus
Rose Circus
Rose Classy
Rose Conga
Rose Cool Water
Rose Dolce Vita
Rose Dolores
Rose Dolores
Rose Donna (Peach Apricot Blend)
Rose Duett
Rose Eliza
Rose Engagement (Light Pink Peach )
Rose Escimo
Rose Esperance
Rose Estelle (Dark Orange Inner Petal with Yellow and Orange Outer Petal)
Rose Exciting
Rose Fashion
Rose Feniche
Rose Fiction (Orange with Yellow Blend)
Rose Fire and Ice
Rose First Red
Rose Forever Young
Rose Freedom
Rose Freedom - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Friendship
Rose Gold Strike
Rose Golda
Rose Gypsy Curiosa
Rose Helio
Rose Hello
Rose Hollywood
Rose Hot Princess
Rose Hot Princess - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Jade (Light Green)
Rose Jade - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Kerio
Rose Kiko
Rose Konfetti
Rose Laguna
Rose Latin Ambiance
Rose Latin Lady
Rose Latin Lady - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Leonidas
Rose Limbo
Rose Limona
Rose Lina
Rose Lindsey
Rose Lipstick
Rose Livia - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Madame
Rose Mariana
Rose Marlyse (Salmon Pink)
Rose Marlyse - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Miracle
Rose Movie Star (Dark Salmon Orange)
Rose Movie Star Orange - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Ocean Song - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Opium
Rose Opus Red
Rose Orange Unique (Light Orange)
Rose Orlando
Rose Orlando
Rose Osiana
Rose Pavoratti
Rose Pavoratti Medium Pink - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Peppermint
Rose Pijama Party
Rose Polo
Rose Priceless
Rose Ravel
Rose Ravel Hot Pink - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Red Berlin
Rose Red Intuition
Rose Red Unique
Rose Rosita Vendela
Rose Rossini
Rose Rouge Baiser
Rose Sexy Red
Rose Shocking Versilia
Rose Shocking Versilia
Rose Skyline
Rose Snowball
Rose Spray
Rose Sweet Unique
Rose Terracota
Rose Tibet
Rose Tineke
Rose Titanic (Light Pink)
Rose Tresor
Rose Vendela
Rose Vendela (Creamy White)
Rose Vendela Cream White - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Verdie
Rose Versilia Peach - Dallas Wholesale
Rose Virginia
Rose Virginia White -
Rose Vogue
Rose, Orchid, Lily, Curly Willow
Roses & Hydrangea Cake Top & Base
Roses & Purple Mini Callas
Roses & Queen Anne Lace
Roses - Dallas Wholesale Prices Start $24.95 - $29.95
Roses 25st/bu
Roses Livia
Roses Panama
Roses Sophie
Roses Sweet Akito
Roses Sweet Unique
Roses, Casa Blanca, Fushia Orchid
Roses, Gerberas, Tulips
Roses, Stocks, Yellow & Lavender Mini Callas
Round Centerpiece
Ruscus Italian 60-80cm 5st/bu
Ruscus Italian Green - Dallas Wholesale
Rustic Yellow Rose - Sari
Safari Sunset 10st/bu
Safflower Carthamus Orange
Salmon Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Salmon Pink Rose - Marlisse
Sea Holly
Seeded Eucalyptus
Seven White Spray Rose Wristlet
Side by side
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Simply sensational
Snapdragon 10st/bu
Snapdragon, Gladiolous, Casa Blanca Lily, Roses, Hypercium
Solid Cluster Centerpiece
Special Bouquets
Specialty Branches
Sprengeri Green
Spring Colors Wristlet
Stair Touch
Star of Bethlehem
Stargaser Lily, Red Rose, Bi-color Pink Rose, Larkspur
Stargazer Lily / Casablanca / Starfighter
Stargazer Lily, Rose, Iris, Fushia Freesia
Stargazer, Mini Callas Lily, Lisianthus, Freesia, White Rose
Stephanotis & phalaenopsis Orchid, Eskimo Roses
Stephanotis, Vendela Rose, Mini Callas
Stephanotis, White & Lavender Mini Callas
Stirling Silver Rose, Blue Bird Rose, Tulip, Viburnum
Stock, Snapdragon, Casa Blanca Lily, Cream Rose, Orchid
SunFlowers & Birch Branch
Sweet Pea
Sweet William
Table Decoration
The bride's bouquet
Three White Spray Rose Wristlet
Traditional Jewish chuppah
Tritoma Lily
Tube Roses, Bell Of Ireland, Casa Blanca, Lisianthus, Roses
Tulip French
Tulip, Gerbera, Yellow Iris
Two made one
Valentine Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Valentine Roses Bulk Prices Wholesale Flowers To Public Dallas
Wax Flower
Wedding Cake Decoration
Wedding Flowers & Special Events
Wedding Pics
White & Green Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White & Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White & Purple Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White Alstromeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White and Pink Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
White Anemone
White Dendrobium Corsage
White Phalaenopsis Corsage
White Phalaenopsis Orchid
White Rose & Orchid Corsage
White Rose Boutonniere
Winter Wedding White
Yellow Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Yellow Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Yellow Alstroemeria (6 bunches or 60 stems)
Yellow Bracelet
Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Get Well, Sympathy Flowers
Holiday Pricing: During major Floral Holidays, pricing will differ from everyday pricing.

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween Thanksgiving, Christmas Holiday pricing will be available one month prior to Holiday. Quantities are limited and prices are subject to changes without notice.

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